Machine Learning, AI and Programming


Hi, my name is Abhijit Mondal. I am a self-taught Machine Learning Engineer (MLE, pun intended !!). Currently I work with Walmart Labs in Bengaluru, India. Previously I have worked in Amazon India Development Center and HolidayIQ, a startup in the travel recommendations domain. I am very enthusiastic about Mathematics and Programming. I did my Masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I like to research about "disruptive" technologies and about their effects on the advancement of our society.

Stokastik is like my rough notebook where I like to write down the concepts and thoughts whenever I am trying to understand new things in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing etc. I do a lot of self study in these areas and I am always intrigued by the new concepts and breakthroughs happening around the world. The reason I like to write them down, is simply because I understand the concepts better when I am writing a blog post and the idea that I am trying to explain the concept to someone who is willing to understand the concepts and learn about them.

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