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The Cost​ of my Uber Ride

Quite often, I take the Uber Pool ride to my office in the morning hours of Bangalore's heavy traffic. Although I get a bit disappointed every time a ride request comes to the driver (I prefer to take the sit beside the driver) but given that pooling is more economical and the thought that I am helping Bangalore traffic, makes me feel better. But I do get frustrated, when the […]

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From EM to Embeddings

Expectation Maximization is a quite an old tool/concept in the Machine Learning domain. Although it is an old tool but it took me quite some time to grasp the concept and the intuition behind it given that most tutorials and articles out there explain it with heavy mathematical equations. But eventually I found out that, the maths behind the intuition is pretty simple to understand, only the long equations might […]

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Solving the Bitcoin scalability problem

The blockchain is a gossip protocol whereby all state modifications to the ledger are broadcast to all participants. It is through this “gossip protocol” that consensus of the state, everyone’s balances, is agreed upon. If each node in the bitcoin network must know about every single transaction that occurs globally, that may create a significant drag on the ability of the network to encompass all global financial transactions. According to […]

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How does Bitcoins work ?

When we do online transactions on our favorite e-commerce website, we pass the credit/debit card information to a payment gateway or the third party merchant (issuing the credit card) over a secure connection (HTTPS). The gateway or the merchant then validates this information and encrypts the transaction data and passes on to the issuing bank for clearance, after which the amount is credited to the seller account. One can quite obviously see that it is an […]

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The Future lies with Decentralization, or does it ?

Although Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies are hailed as the greatest revolution in financial technology, since it is a new although a revolutionary concept, financial and economic regulatory bodies worldwide are still skeptical about it (security issues, frauds, money laundering, criminal activity fundings etc.) and thus only a handful of merchants world over accept them. But the good news is that more people are starting to feel confident about it. It […]

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How cryptocurrency taught me a better concept of "money"

First of all let me admit that I do not have a formal economics or finance education and until sometimes back, like many others I used to think that money means the Rs. 100 or Rs. 500 currency note that we exchange with a business owner to purchase something of value to us. I did not think over why a paper note with some value printed on it could purchase me […]

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