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Leetcode : Longest Duplicate Substring

Problem Statement Solution: The brute force approach for this problem would be to scan for all substrings of length L for each possible value of L from 1 to N-1. Store the substrings in a set() and whenever we encounter a substring which is already present in the set then it is a duplicated substring of length L. Repeat this for all L until we find some L' for which […]

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LeetCode : Largest Rectangle in Histogram

Problem Statement Solution : At first glance, one can say that a brute force approach would take time complexity. That is correct. Let me begin first with the brute force approach explanation. In order to find the largest rectangle possible, scan each of the unit one rectangle (i.e. the heights given in the input array) and then for each such rectangle i compute the maximum possible width it can be […]

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LeetCode : Swim in Rising Water

Problem Statement Solution : One possible solution is to see whether for each water level, he can swim from (0, 0) to (N-1, N-1) without waiting anywhere in between. To check whether he can swim fromĀ (0, 0) to (N-1, N-1) i.e. there exists a path, we can use DFS or BFS to traverse the matrix. He can swim from point A to B if the height of B is less […]

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