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Understanding class activation maps with product color classification

In this post we are going to understand class activation maps or CAMs for visualising convolution neural nets by building a color classification model for e-commerce product images. The product images are tagged with the actual product color. Ideally a product image can have more than one color and it should be tagged with all the possible colors in the image, but to make the problem a bit simpler just […]

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Designing large scale similarity models using deep learning

Finding similar texts or images is a very common problem in machine learning used extensively for search and recommendation. Although the problem is very common and has high business value to some organisations, but still this has remained one of the most challenging problems when the database size is very large such as >50GB and we do not want to lose on precision and recall much by retrieving only 'approximately' […]

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Detecting placeholder images in e-Commerce product listings

Many times we trust sellers to upload correct product images for online products on our e-commerce platform, but due to checks in place that a product shall always accompany an image, 3rd party sellers upload stock or placeholder image in case there is no image for the product available. Problem is that although we do not want to show products without images on our website, but due to zero validation […]

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