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BiLSTM-CRF Sequence Tagging for E-Commerce Attribute Extraction

In the last post we had used Conditional Random Fields (CRF) to extract attributes from e-commerce product titles and description. CRFs are linear models just like Logistic Regression. The drawback with linear models is that they do not take feature-feature interaction or higher order feature terms into account while building model. Linear models can under-fit on the data while too much non-linearity can lead to over-fitting.┬áNon-linear models such as Neural […]

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Building a POS Tagger with Python NLTK and Scikit-Learn

In this post we are going to understand about Part-Of-Speech Taggers for the English Language and look at multiple methods of building a POS Tagger with the help of the Python NLTK and scikit-learn libraries. The available methods ranges from simple regular expression based taggers to classifier based (Naive Bayes, Neural Networks and Decision Trees) and then sequence model based (Hidden Markov Model, Maximum Entropy Markov Model and Conditional Random […]

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