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Leetcode : Longest Duplicate Substring

Problem Statement Solution: The brute force approach for this problem would be to scan for all substrings of length L for each possible value of L from 1 to N-1. Store the substrings in a set() and whenever we encounter a substring which is already present in the set then it is a duplicated substring of length L. Repeat this for all L until we find some L' for which […]

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Fast Nearest Neighbour Search - Product Quantization

In this on-going series of fast nearest neighbor search algorithms, we are going to look at Product Quantization technique in this post. In the last post, we had looked at KD-Trees, which are effecient data structures for low dimensional embeddings and also in higher dimensions provided that the nearest neighbor search radius is small enough to prevent backtracking. Product Quantization or PQ does not create any tree indexing data structure […]

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