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Leetcode : K-Similar Strings

Problem Statement Solution: The brute force approach is to evaluate all possible swaps. Given the string is of length N, the number of possible pairs is U=0.5*N*(N-1). But observe that not just the swaps but the sequence of swaps also matters. The number of possible sequence of swaps is U!. Thus the run-time complexity is O(U!). For moderately sized value of N such as 20 as given by the problem […]

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LeetCode: Minimum Refuel Stops

Problem Statement Solution: At first, this looks like a classic graph traversal problem. For example, I might be tempted to use BFS approach to find the minimum number of steps to reach the target. But one important distinction this problem has from a standard BFS is that in a standard BFS problem, the car can either directly reach a station Y from station X or they cannot depending whether there […]

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Interfacing C++ with Cython

In the last post we saw how we can use Cython programming language to boost speed of Python programs. For a simple program like finding primes upto a certain N, we obtained a gain of around 50-60x with Cython as compared to a naive Python implementation. This is significant when we are going to deploy our codes in production. A complex system will have multiple such programs calling each other […]

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