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Leetcode : Minimum Cost To Merge Stones

Problem Statement Solution: It might be 'tempting' to think that the problem can be solved using a greedy approach, i.e. merge the K consecutive stones with the minimum cost in each step. But the greedy approach is not optimal, for e.g. if the stones array is [6,4,4,6] and K=2, then the greedy approach would result in a minimum cost of 42 whereas the optimal cost is 40. The greedy approach […]

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LeetCode : Recover Binary Search Tree

Problem Statement Solution : One approach that uses O(n) extra space, is to store for each node N, the pointer to the nodes with minimum and maximum values in the sub-tree rooted at N. Let's denote the minimum node rooted at N by N.min and the maximum  node by N.max. Then for a sub-tree rooted at N, the sub-tree has a "defect", if : N.val < N.left.max.val and/or N.val > N.right.min.val […]

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Dynamic Programming in NLP - Skip Grams

In this series of posts, I will be exploring and showing how dynamic programming technique is used in machine learning and natural language processing. Dynamic programming is very popular in programming interviews. DP technique is used mainly in problems which has optimal substructure and can be defined recursively, which means that a problem of size N can be solved by solving smaller sub-problems of size m < N. Such problems […]

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LeetCode : Cherry Pickup

Problem Statement Solution : This problem is probably one of the most difficult path traversal problem, I have seen on LeetCode and I will let you know the reason why. The most faulty assumption to begin with is that, this can be solved using a greedy approach, i.e. find the maximum possible cherries during the forward traversal (0,0) to (N-1, N-1) and then find the maximum possible cherries during the […]

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