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Leetcode : Longest Valid Parentheses

Problem Statement Solution: Most of us must have encountered a similar problem of finding the maximum number of valid parentheses pairs, which is pretty straightforward and quite commonly asked in many programming interviews. This is one variant where we need to find the longest sub-string which is a valid parentheses. The sub-string may contain any number of parenthesis pairs. One naive approach is to check for all pair of indices […]

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Using KD-Tree For Nearest Neighbor Search

This post is branched from my earlier posts on designing a question-question similarity system. In the first of those posts, I discussed the importance of speed of retrieval of most similar questions from the training data, given a question asked by a user in an online system. We designed few strategies, such as the HashMap based retrieval mechanism. The HashMap based retrieval assumes that at-least one word between the most […]

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