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Designing Movie Recommendation Engines - Part II

In the last post, we had started to design a movie recommendation engine using the 20 million ratings dataset available from MovieLens. We started with a Content Based Recommendation approach, where we built a classification/regression model for each user based on the tags and genres assigned to each movie he has rated. The assumption behind this approach is that, the rating that an user has given to a movie depends […]

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Building a Neural Network from scratch in Python

In this post I am going to build an artificial neural network from scratch. Although there exists a lot of advanced neural network libraries written using a variety of programming languages, the idea is not to re-invent the wheel but to understand what are the components required to make a workable neural network. A full-fledged industrial scale neural network might require a lot of research and experimentation with the dataset. Building a simple […]

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Optimization Methods for Deep Learning

In this post I am going to give brief overview of few of the common optimization techniques used in training a neural network from simple classification problems to deep learning. As we know, the critical part of a classification algorithm is to optimize the loss (objective) function in order to learn the correct parameters of the model. The type of the objective function (convex, non-convex, constrained, unconstrained etc.) along with […]

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